Week 7 Review

So far I’ve really enjoyed the experience of setting up a blog.  Posting my thoughts regarding my interests and relevant info to the PID program at VCC into the blogosphere has been a new and at times uncomfortable experience but I’ve grown more accustomed to sharing my ideas in this format.  One of the things I found challenging was that there are so many different things to blog about so keeping my subject matter streamlined was a bit difficult, but I still think the exercise was valuable to gain experience.  Also, I still have reservations about the value of blogging to others as it seems difficult to stand out in such a large crowd of bloggers.  But, as the semester has come near to a close, I think I recognize the value of blogging even if it’s just for me and relatively few followers…you never know who might find your postings interesting and valuable.  I hope to continue blogging, likely as more of a link to my interest in sports and coaching, as I find it easier to provide insightful opinion in areas where I have the most knowledge and passion.  While I don’t have a great deal of passion for technology itself, this course has helped me to realize just how many people are out there communicating with similar interests and passions.  In that sense blogging can be an important link and connection.  I’ve read and heard that before, but this experience of creating my first blog has helped to crystallize that realization for me.


Time Management Tool for Visual Learners

This tool provides a visual means of prioritizing tasks.  As a visual learner myself I find it much more interesting and useful than the standard list approach.  I have just started to utilize the tool as a visual way of organizing my studies as I near the end of my Bachelor of Arts Degree.  In this sense it works well for an individual but also as an interactive tool for projects.  Here’s the link: